Angie’s love affair with painting started in the Tuscan countryside during scooter rides. Since then Angie Brooksby began traveling with her easel and canvas hung on the baggage rack. Brooksby considers herself as a colorist as she devotes a part of her paintings to the blue hour, the in-between part of the day that is neither day nor night. Angie uses her photographs as models. She boasts membership to the current American Contemporary Realism as well in her oil painting. Deeply rooted in the reality of the movement her works are intended to be the evidence of our era. 

Paris was where she'd always dreamt to live

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Angie Brooksby is a contemporary American painter born in 1965, living and working in Paris. In 1986, Angie moved to Florence in Italy and eventually established her own studio/gallery in the historical Florence’s gallery district. Later on she decided to settle down in Paris in 2007. Angie Brooksby paints in series with the two most iconic being contemporary Paris landscapes and New York City. Brooksby paints with oils, using a combination of palette knives and brushes. 

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The twenty years Angie Brooksby lived and painted in Tuscany made her paintings unique. The Tuscan colorists, in particular Llewlyn Lloyd, inspired in Angie Brooksby a desire to paint differently from what she had learnt at the Beaux Arts. Equally important to her technique is the theory of Michel Eugene Chevreul: the simultaneous contrast of colors. Today, Angie’s paintings are part of important corporate collections including Gables Residential (USA), Brown and Foreman (USA), Neufchatel (Japan), Florence Life (Japan) as well as several private collections in USA, Europe and Japan. 

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