It’s a soft mix of a lot of different calligraphies (Asian, Arabic, Latin, …) that 2Flui draws inspiration from and his tag and graff technique accentuate my very own style

Range of Arts I 2Flui I Paranoia [Available]

2Flui is the artist name of a French contemporary “calligraffeur” named Cyril Simon. As a “calligraffeur” the artist works on alphabet letters, twisting and enhancing them with his very own urban artist touch. 2Flui has fallen in love with letters so deeply he is constantly looking for the perfect tag, working painstakingly on both form and colors. Always looking towards new ways of “torturing” letters as 2Flui likes to say he works with various materials, from cardboard to metallic tools. In his studio works he mostly uses oil on canvas, ink and graffiti artist’s favorite: poska. Each of 2Flui canvas is inspired by all different types of calligraphy, from the Mid-Eastern one to the Asian one, through the South American. Each of his painting is inspired by literature, mostly texts about dealing with peace and violence. 2Flui manages to turn single letters into odes to color and shapes, each work revealing all this delicacy and technique.

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